ADWII is a social media network readying itself for this era when users will consume product information like they consume content.

The concept was initially developed a decade ago by the same team in 2009, named Advurt. At the time, the technology on WAP phones and GPRS networks as well a lack of social media awareness had slow traction. Those early lessons bore some fruit, we garnered about 10K users and all advertisers signed up to the concept.

Some 10 years later with mobile apps, cloud computing and social media the time is ripe to relaunch this exciting platform.


The underlying philosophy of ADWII is to implement the concept of Data as Labour.

Users are workers that provide their data when they sign up.

Employers provide work by sending data (advertising content, surveys, polls) to workers. Users perform the work when they view and interact with the content.

Workers get paid to do this data work.

Workers also get paid to share their friends’ data with ADWII. User details are
never shared with Employers (Advertisers), only statistics on the content are reported.

Who will use Adwii

Anyone can use ADWII and benefit, from a CEO to a teenager; as the revenue share amount is tailored to the audience targeted. An advertiser promoting an expensive item and targeting a particular user, may for example pay you R100 or more to view that ad; so it is vital that you enter accurate profile information.


Allie Khan (Founder)

Allie is a tech entrepreneur that co-founded the original concept in 2009. He is passionate about impactful innovation and people.

Afzal Dalwai (Co Founder)

A seasoned IT professional, Afzal brings his execution expertise to the team.