Register and Setup

The ADWII initial setup is as follows:

  1. Launch the ADWII app
  2. Create an account, or use the Facebook or Google account login options
  3. Type in the Invitation Code provided by the person that invited you. This code is compulsory.
  4. Welcome to the ADWII app!

User Profile Information

The ADWII profile setup is as follows:

  1. Choose the profile option at the bottom of the screen
  2. Choose the category of profile information you wish to complete.
  3. The profile completion percentage increases when capturing profile information.
  4. Users must complete at least 50% of their profile information before earning an incentive. The more accurately you complete this section, the better the quality and higher the incentives are for viewing an advertisement.
  5. ADWII may add additional profile parameters with the app updates

View Advertisements

After logging onto ADWII:

  1. The advertisements screen shows all new and archived ads
  2. Clicking on an ad, a user must click and rate the ad to confirm that they have viewed it.
  3. For a video ad, a user has to view the entire video and confirm by typing in two codes shown during the video
  4. The viewed ads will show how much the user earned from the ad.

Incentive redemption

On the My Wallet link:

During the first 3 month trial period – 1 March to 31st May 2020 the user wallet must contain R100 before draws are made. We may allow draws to be made on ad-hoc amounts to test the system, but request a minimum draw of R 50 at a time to make transaction costs feasible.

  1. A user can choose the amount to be redeemed.
  2. Once a redemption request is made, it is marked as pending and no more requests can be made while in this state.
  3. The administrators will approve the request and your reward will be paid via ATM token or via EFT.
  4. The users bank details need to be recorded under his profile in order to do an EFT transfer.

My referrals

The coolest part of ADWII is the referrals feature, where you can be an influencer and earn significant amounts. Once you have signed up as a user you are able to invite friends to ADWII.

  1. The unique code is shown on the “Invite Friends” screen
  2. This code can be posted to facebook, Instagram, email and whatsApp.
  3. Any user that uses this code is now linked to you and you will earn a % of his, and his referrals’, incentive. See table below.
  4. Once a user is linked to you they will be shown in My referrals.
  5. Clicking on an ad, a user must click and rate the ad to confirm that they have viewed it.

My referral – Further explanation

Scenario 1

Tom, a Level 1 user, introduces 200 active Level 2 users to adwii. These Level 2 users introduce on average 100 Level 3 users each. What incentive does Tom earn if all these users click on one ad for the day?
Level 1 – Tom – 35c (out of R1) *
Level 2 intros – 200 users (5c * 200 = R 10)
Level 3 intros – 200*100 = 20 000 ( 5c * 20 000 = R 1000)
Total for the day = 35c + R 10 + R1000 = R 1010,35

* The minimum % ADWII will distribute back to users.

Scenario 2

Jane is a level 2 user. She introduces 100 Level 3 active users. What incentive does Jane earn if she and all her referrals click on one ad for the day?
Level 2 – 30c
Level 3 intros – 100 = 100 *5c = R 5
Total for the day = R 5,30
As can be seen, the adwii network will be very valuable to all users. Joining the network early gives you the opportunity to create a larger referrer base and subsequent passive income. Join today!
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