The ADWII app was made to allow users to consume content they opt-in to see; and to share in the funds that the advertiser pays to advertise this content. ADWII is thus a data as labour platform, i.e. we pay you for your data each time we use it.

All major advertising platforms today rely on users to view and click on ads; however these platforms target users by guessing their preferences, leading to a high amount of irrelevant ads displayed to users.

ADWII, by profiling users accurately, allows targeting of ads, showing you only what you want to see.
ADWII incentivises* the user for each ad they view.
ADWII incentivises users further when they introduce friends to the platform.

* incentives will ideally be cash into the ADWII account, but does not exclude items like coupons and promo codes.

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