Get Paid for
Your Attention

adwii is a new platform where you view content targeted precisely at you. When you engage our content tasks you receive an incentive.

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adwii Members

Earn by engaging content.

When you sign-up, capture your personal preferences. We then send you content tasks targeted at you. Once you complete the content tasks, you earn an incentive. You get to invite your friends and earn an ongoing referral fee each time they perform content tasks too. Actual user details are never shared with external parties and you perform only the tasks you wish.

How adwii Works


Reach highly targeted people who are watching with intent.

Advertisers can accurately target their audience based on detailed profile data, voluntarily shared by users. You receive rapid feedback from your target audience and send promotions to targeted users. With adwii you build and maintain long term brand awareness with targeted current and future customers; and precisely control the budget of the advertising campaign.

Join the Data as Labour movement

The adwii Mission

The underlying philosophy of adwii is to implement the concept of Data as Labour.


Anyone from a CEO to a teenager can use adwii and benefit, as the incentive amounts are tailored to the audience targeted. Content creators and advertisers benefit from unprecedented targeting capabilities.

Control & Intent

Both members and content creators are treated fairly and given control over what they want to see or who they want to publish to. Members watch with intent and rest knowing that no private data is shared with third parties.

Dedicated Team

Using 10 years of collective platform experience, adwii co-founders Allie Khan and Afzal Dalwai are committed to the adwii philosophy and the development of a platform that promotes the use of Data as Labour.

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