Unprecedented Targeting.
Real Engagement

adwii’s unique platform enables advertisers to target customers accurately, quickly and cost effectively.

Finally Advertising Is Win-Win

adwii’s principle is that users are rewarded for paying attention to your ads. Users see ads that interest them and associate that reward with your brand. Your ads are only served to the users who are most likely to act on your call.

Target Real Users with ProfileMatrix

Other platforms use technological guesswork to determine the user profile by tracking user activity. The adwii philosophy is based on users that volunteer their information. adwii’s unique ProfileMatrix has 80+ profile parameters including data like favourite clothing brands, favourite apps, pet ownership, transport preferences, and dozens more.

Spend Your Budget on Real Attention

On the adwii platform, advertisers only pay for successful engagements with ads. With low engagement costs per completed engagement, advertisers are guaranteed value for money. Our Watch Engine distributes your budget in a cost-effective way, based on your campaign parameters.

The adwii Engagement Suite

adwii gives you a range of ways to deliver your message. Our Engagement Suite include: Still Images, Micro-Video, 30 Second Video Ads and more.

Reach your niche, with adwii

Advertiser Benefits

PinPoint Consumer Advertising

The ProfileMatrix takes the guess work out of targeting, by delivering advertisements only to the intended audience.

Highly Engaged Users

Our unique attention model ensures nearly 100% engagement on advertisements. With adwii you get the attention you’re paying for.


adwii offers a range of options to get users to act after seeing your ad. From vouchers, promo-codes and clickthrough’s to your online store – an adwii engagement is more likely to convert into revenue.

Download the adwii Advertiser Data Sheet here

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