Frequently Asked Questions


How does the adwii app work?

Download the app, register and login. Capture at least 50% of your profile information.
View the content in your inbox and engage actively with it. You will  be entered for a giveaway, competition or earn an incentive.

Is there as Apple iOS version of the app

Our web app is available for all non-android users. Visit

Is adwii a credible app?

adwii’s main philosophy is the principle of Data as Labour, i.e. we incentivise you for your profile data and the tasks you perform. To build our platform we are starting off by offering our users giveaways and competitions. Over time adwii will be in a position to offer users more and better rewards for each advertisement they watch.

NB. There are no gimmicks used to lure users onto the platform. We have a 3 year  plan to bring the adwii platform to market in a number of countries.

Trial Period

What is the adwii trial period?

The first six months from launch of the adwii app will be a trial period to refine user adoption and the operational model of the platform. The trial period will run till 31st March 2021

What features are available during the trial period?

All features and incentives on the app are available and working during the trial period.


Who can register?

You must be at least 16 years old and have a South African ID and mobile phone number.

What is an Invitation Code or Referrer Code

Each user that joins adwii must have been referred by a friend with their code, or must get a code directly from adwii. This code tracks your incentives generated by the friends you refer. If you would like to join and don’t have a code, email

Profile Information

What do I need to complete my profile

adwii targets ads and content at users using their profile information, so we can show users more relevant information. The more information you capture as a user the more targeted you will become and the more ads will be assigned  to you.

Is my Profile information safe

Yes it is safe. There are a number of security measures in place such as hosting on Amazon Web Services, encryption of personal data and SSL security for data and interactions.

How much profile information do I need to complete before I will get content?

We realise that users may be uncomfortable to share all their information with us initially.  So, initially we require at least 50% of the profile to be completed. This profile information is across the various categories.

Do you share my profile information with third parties

No personal contact information is shared with 3rd parties.

Ads Inbox

What must I do?

The main features of adwii are to view and engage  content and stand a chance to win a giveaway or competition prize. Once you have captured your profile adwii will send you giveaways based on your profile information.

There is a code that shows during a video, what must I do?

Remember the code and capture the code in the box at the end.

How do I engage with content?

You can like, dislike, feedback or click shop from within the ad. The more you engage with the content the more valuable your profile will become on the platform. We encourage you to engage as much as possible.

My Wallet

How does the 'My Wallet' feature work?

Each time you view paid content you will get an incentive in ZAR, unless communicated otherwise.

The prizes you win for a giveaway will also be shown here.

How much is the incentive?

The incentive for paid content can vary based on how valuable the content is and how accurately it is targeted at adwii users. Generally, we aim to have a minimum of ZAR0.50 incentive per user.

How do I redeem contents of my Wallet?

You can redeem your wallet in multiples of 10 credits to buy airtime vouchers or in multiples of 100 into cash via EFT. Your bank account details must be on file for the bank payment.

My Referrals

What is this feature?

When a user refers their friend to adwii, and they become an active user, the referring user will earn an incentive until the friend is promoted.

How does this feature work?

Use the code under ‘My referrals’ to invite friends via different media. Your friends need to use that code when they register under invitation code.

Is this a multi-level marketing scheme?

No, rather it is an incentive scheme; you get paid a commission for introducing your friends. We incentivise you for your friends’ data.

The referral sounds complex, is there any further information to explain?

Below find a tabular breakdown of the different levels, promotions and commissions.

User Levels How to join How many users Promote to higher level How much does my referrer get
Level 1 By ADWII invitation and promotion Limited to 5000. NA NA
Level 2 By L1 user invitation code Unlimited Refer 50 L3 users then promoted to L1 5% to L1
Level 3 By L2 user invitation code Unlimited Refer 50 users then promoted to L2 5% to L1

5% to L2

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